Saturday  22 January 1876

Please submit your plans or illustrations for either August Chère's D-I-Y Guillotine used today in London, or James Moon's version in June this year at Lafayette, Indiana.  Descriptions of each method are included under the entry for 22 January 1876.

There is a drawing from the Illustrated Police News that you could use for inspiration.  Search Flickr for "suicide by guillotine" 


Wednesday  8 March 1876

With what would you replace the four activities that represent human achievement currently at the corners of the Albert Memorial in London?  Use the contact form to provide your vote/suggestion.

Now decorating Albert's enormous memorial:  

Agriculture, Commerce, Engineering & Manufactures

 Top four new suggestions:

1.  Nuclear farming

2.  Leisure & Surfing

3.  TV and BlueRay

4.  Shelfstacking

Honourable mentions:  Procrastinating; Shopping

Saturday  25 March 1876

Transliterator wanted.  Have a look at the letters to Captain Kelsall and see if you can contribute a better translation of Mrs Edwards scrawly handwriting.   

Saturday  25 March 1876

Wrexham Borough Council kindly provided permission to use an image of the programme for today's football match between Scotland and Wales.  That is particularly kind seeing how the "Scotchmen" (as the English newspapers insisted on calling them) trounced the newly formed Welsh international team 4-nil.

Here is a link to their Facebook page:

Thursday  30 March 1876

The opening of the 2nd Impressionist Exhibition.  Here is the companion book "In 1876: Second Impressions", a walk though as many of the paintings from that exhibition that I could find.  133 paintings of the 281 listed in the catalogue.  If you want to see what  the Impressionists were rebelling against, have a look at the entry in "In 1876: Bananas & Custer" for Monday 1 May 1876 to see what was being shown at the Salon de 1876 in Paris.  You can buy a copy of this companion at iTunes - it is only formatted for the iPad.

Saturday  6 May 1876

In 1876, there were 11  Molly Maguire trials.  There are only a couple of entries in the book "In 1876: Bananas & Custer", one on Friday 4 February and one for today.  There is a free companion book "In 1876: The Diary of Molly Maguire" which relays some more of the events of 1876 than could be incorporated in "Bananas & Custer".  Get a copy from iTunes (iPad only).

Friday  16 June 1876

In 1876, Pope Pius IX was seriously considering a move to Jerusalem.  Now would his holiness's presence there make Tony Blair's job as Middle East Envoy easier or harder?  Where do you think the Pope Mobile should be parked?  Have you ever been to Hemel?

To where should the Vatican move?
A. Buenos Aires
B. Brasilia
C. Gdansk
D. Hemel Hempstead
E. Jerusalem
F. Madrid
G. Malta
H. Mecca
I. Keep it in Rome
Poll Maker

Monday  17 July 1876

On this day, three weeks after the Battle of Little Big Horn, Buffalo Bill killed and scalped an Indian named Yellow Hair.  He incorporated the vengeful act in his stage show, "Buffalo Bill's Wild West".  He brought the whole troop to Europe in the 1880s and again in the 1890s, and inspired this song from Tony Flanagan "This is the Greatest Story me Grandad ever told me".  Thanks Tony.

Thursday  20 July 1876

Today a young man accidentally killed a young girl in Tuffnell Park Road in North London.  There is short incomplete discussion about gun control Vs the right to arm bears, or some such.  An article on "the use of revolvers" in The Graphic which suggests an amateur in charge of a gun is "more likely to pot Z501, or the wife of his bosom, than" burglars.  What is Z501?

Top suggestions

Z501 is … .. .

1.   The top score in "shoot the juggling apples" game.

2.  The code for the form used to register an accidental death.

Friday  4 August 1876

The hit song "Grandfather's Clock" was probably played somewhere this evening, it was first published in 1876.  In the modern day, Japanese super pop star Ken Hirai has a version "ookina furu dokei". 

Thursday  31 August 1876

Here is the solution to Chess Problem No. 1711 set by Mr. F. Thompson, of Derby.  I hope Thunderclap and Gyppo Fan were not put off from submitting further chess problems.

Friday  13 October 1876

Miss Dickens's jewellery worth £4,000 went missing on its postal journey from London to Warwickshire by rail.  What do you think happened to it?

Who stole Miss Dickens's jewellery?
The original jeweller who thought they had been forgotten
The rascals on the railways
The regular parcels carrier, between Moreton-in-Marsh and Barton
The butler (always a suspect) in Barton
Miss Dickens herself as an excuse to not go to India
They were just lost through incompetence and ended up down a drain or in a field
Please Specify:
Poll Maker

Tuesday  7 November 1876

A gang of counterfeiters decided to raise money and free one of their engravers by stealing Abraham Lincoln's body and holding it to ransom.  What other schemes could they have considered and rejected as too silly before settling on this one?  Use the Contact form and some responses will be put here.

1.  They considered using their counterfeiting skills to forge documents to get into the prison and walk out with their friend, but decided it would be easier to steal an 11-year-dead Dead President.  (D. Diamond, Leeds)

2.  They considered stealing all the Dead Presidents and holding an auction day, but decided it would be easier to steal one 11-year-dead Dead President.  (J. Biafra, San Francisco)

Friday  10 November 1876

When the US Centennial Exposition closed today, millions of visitors had been to see the paintings in the British Gallery.  Which of the two most popular ones do you prefer?

A.  "Prince of Wales's Marriage at the Chapel Royal, Windsor"  by William Powell Frith (1865)

B. "The Death of General Wolfe" by Benjamin West (1770)

Of the two British paintings, I prefer:
Royal Wedding by Frith
Death of General Wolfe by West
I'd rather see the Impressionists
Poll Maker

Monday  4 December 1876

Where there's blame, there's a claim.   Would you like to blame someone for the death of eight year old Elizabeth Mountford?

Who is most to blame for little Lizbeth's fiery death?
Mrs Kitto who left the paraffin lamp burning
The kitty cat who knocked over the lamp
Mummy Mountford who was out on the town
The makers of the knock-over-able paraffin lamp
Nobody, accidents will happen
Poll Maker

Wednesday  6 December 1876

In the discussion on cremation, I ask "What happens when you die?".  Use the contact form to add to this list:

1.  My soul flies off to heaven (or other afterlife)

2.  A copy of my body flies off to heaven (or other afterlife)

3.  An idealised representation of my body flies off to heaven (or other afterlife)

4.  My body gets buried and then called up at the Rapture

5.  My ghost will wander the earth until you are all afraid

6.  My dead self is replaced by an unrelated self using its previous karma and enlightenment

7.  My personality and memories are transferred to a newly conceived or born person or animal (timing may vary)

8.  Death is a changing definition; my memories could be transferred to another body - wouldn't that still be me?

9.  My atoms came from stars, they move on to become new molecules

10.  Freeze my body and make me live for ever

11.  That's it, game over, no replay, the great void

12.  I'm going to be a bunny rabbit